Raised Garden Bed

I designed raised garden bed by using impregnated wood, stainless steel rods and 3D printed rod holders and hooks for bird netting.

Like all my projects, I first started by designing everything in SolidWorks 3D CAD software.

After that I export cutlist for wood boards and STL. files for 3D printed parts.

The parts I use are:

  • 4x wood boards – 28x120x2200mm
  • 2x wood boards – 28x120x2144mm
  • 2x wood boards – 28x120x1000mm
  • 4x wood boards – 28x120x944mm
  • 5x ø3-4mm stainless steel rods
  • 10x 3D printed rod holders in PETG
  • 28x 3D printed hoods for bird netting in PETG
  • 90x woodscrews – 5x60mm
  • 40x woodscrews  for rod holders – 4,2x19mm
  • 56x woodscrews for hooks – 3,5x16mm
  • ca. 360x6400mm plastic foil
  • ca. 1200x2400mm – fabric under the box

In the future I will publish set of plans and STL. files for download.

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