RC Show Plow – Track Drive – v3.0

After I abandoned previews attempts of designing RC Snow Plow I started again with new v3.0.

My previous projects: RC Snow Plow – 6×6 Wheel Drive – v1.0 and  RC Snow Plow – Track Drive – v2.0 was stopped as I never had enough time to work on them and I kind of lost inspiration on those very old and bulky designs.

After we moved to a new house witch new workshop, I revisited the project and designed a new version 2.0.
Yes, very Cybertruck inspired robot, but hey, why not? Right?

This time I will use a different approach. 

The Design

The criteria was:

  • Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Wheel Chari Motors
  • Plywood and 3D printed parts
  • The Plow it self has to move perfectly up and down, even when rotated
  • I has to fit my new CNC Router
  • Option to have manual control with a seat on top for my kids.

So it was time to start the design. As always, I used SolidWorks 3D CAD Design Software to make 3D model of new Robot, but  I also used AutoCAD to design general blueprint Design.

I found out that it was much faster and easier to draw blueprint and design wheels and sprockets in AutoCAD. 

I am not going to show the design process. It was something I done in my spare time and starched over a few weekend and evenings.

But what you can se for the last picture above the robot futures:

  • 2x Wheel Chair Motors
  • 3x Linear Actuators
  • 2×4 Drive Wheels
  • 2×1 Tension Wheels
  • 2×1 Drive Sprockets Wheels
  • 10x Nissan Leaf Lithium Ion battery modules
  • 1x Plow made from 600mm PVC pipe.

The Chassis

As I mentioned before the chassis was made from 15mm Plywood.

I first paced parts on cut templates in SowlidWorks and than used HSMExpress CAM software to generate toolpath for my CNC. The gray lines on the templates are my CNC’s Work Area.

After everything was cut, I started the assembly of the chassis.

Dry fitting

Dry fit of all elements.

The Glue Up

The Chassis is done.

Next is gluing together the wheels from different plywood layers.

And assembling the motors

The Motors are from Alpatec in Nederland and futures 10.8A@24V, 116rpm and 10.3Nm of torque.

This starts to look like a RC Robot.


To be continued….

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